Peter Young: Housing, Industry, & Treatment

A Message from Father Young

Dear Friends:

There have been many changes over the past 50 years since I first saw the struggles of the homeless and witnessed the ravages of alcohol and drugs on so many lives. Over these decades we’ve learned about the disease of addiction and how successful recovery needs the three supports of treatment, a place to live and a job, just like a stool needs three legs. We’ve seen reform in the law and we know that it is better to rehabilitate than incarcerate.

Most important, we’ve seen lives changed and restored. We’ve seen countless numbers of men and women live in recovery from addiction, find homes, and work to better their lives with education, training and employment so they could become taxpaying citizens.

Of course when I began my work at St. John’s in downtown Albany all those years ago, I could never have dreamed that one day our services would span the state, reaching thousands of people each year. I am amazed, humbled and thankful every time I get a letter from someone who has been impacted by the services and the wonderful employees and volunteers of this organization.

But as far as we’ve come, the needs today remain very great and there is much more to be done to help the chemically addicted, the homeless, the unemployed, parolees, veteran, HIV-positive individuals and refugees.

I hope that many will learn about our programs through this website, particularly if they need to access our services. I hope people will learn of the capable and hardworking employees who are joining the workforce as a result of our programs. I also hope that many will join us with their time, talents and financial support as we continue in our mission to create taxpayers.


Father Peter Young